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Understanding New York City Construction Accident Cases

Construction work is a demanding and dangerous profession, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics citing at least 1 in 20 workers are involved in an accident each year. New York City skyscrapers are soaring to new heights more quickly than ever, while landmark buildings are undergoing perpetual upgrades and repairs. All this activity increases the likelihood of construction accidents – caused by defective equipment, trench cave-ins, or human error. Ladders and harnesses can fail. Or a surface can become unstable. A long-term medical condition can result from any number of scenarios, including a breakaway piece of scaffolding or equipment.

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Useful Terms in Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Settlement or Awards

Actual Cash Value (Fair Market Value):  This is the fair market value of a vehicle at the time of the accident assuming the vehicle was damaged or destroyed. Insurance companies pay the owners the actual cash value (fair market value) if the vehicle (bus, truck or car) is considered a total loss. This does not necessarily mean that all parties will recover their vehicle property losses. Recovery of vehicle property losses depends on collision coverage amounts, negligence of the parties, and whether the accident occurred in a "no fault" or a "non-no fault" state.
Additional Insured: This is another party other than the protected person or entity named in a vehicle's insurance policy.
Automobile Insurance: Insurance protects the owner against certain losses as a result of damage to their vehicle and damages to third party vehicles as well as injuries sustained by themselves or third parties. Specific types of coverage include 1) medical payments, 2) bodily injury, 3) property damage and 4) comprehensive physical vehicle damage.
The Burden of Proof: The plaintiff is the individual who initiates a claim or lawsuit. The burden of proof lies with the plaintiff, i.e. the plaintiff must prove 1) what occurred during the accident and 2) that the fault lies with the defendant.
Case: Any action, cause, lawsuit, proceeding or controversy initiated through the court system by filing a petition, indictment or complaint.

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Accident & Injury Law Glossary Of Terms

At Litman and Litman PC we take care of our clients as if they were part of our family. Even though we handle all the critical elements of your case, it can be helpful to know some of the legal terms that will be used in the paperwork and at trial. Abstract of Title: The chronologically ordered summary of all official records and recorded documents affecting the title to a piece of the real property.

Abstract of Title: A chronological summary of all official records and recorded documents affecting the title to a portion of the real property.
Accident Report: A detailed, formal account of an event documented from the scene of the incident by an authority figure.
Act of God: Natural causes, neither human interaction or intervention, resulting in an accident or event - including damage from storms, floods, earthquakes, and lightning.
Actual Cash Value: Also known as market value, it is the cost your vehicle could be sold just before it was destroyed or damaged in the car accident. Insurance companies typically pay the owner actual cash value if the vehicle is deemed a total loss.
Additional Insured: This is an individual other than the protected individual as named in the automobile insurance policy.
Adjudicate: To resolve a legal case.
Affidavit: A written declaration under oath.

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What to do if you've been injured by a defective product

The strength of your legal case is a direct result of the actions you take after a defective product has caused injury.

Seek medical attention. A record of your injury is of the utmost importance. Visit a doctor or hospital immediately upon sustaining a harmful product injury. Report the accident. Do not give a verbal or written statement before speaking with a product liability lawyer. If at work, report the accident to your supervisor and contact your insurance company.

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